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Bashblog markdowns

December 18, 2019 — ~bdeshi

previously on this bashblog-built blog, i couldn't find where bashblog was hiding the markdown source files for each post. i've since figured out that actually there was no markdown at all.

turns out bashblog depends on (the legendary) or some markdown binary. since my current tilde home doesn't host either, bb was defaulting to html source. i simply didn't notice because the placehold post body contains barely any html tags, just a p and a b.

anyway, i downloaded and extracted the daring original perl script and moved it to ~/bin, and after a hash -r, now ্bb post starts up new posts in the plain vanilla barebones version 1 markdown syntax. oh joy.

maybe tildes with bb installed could also include or some markdown binary (like discount) for a full-featured bashblogging experience from the get-go. 😏

Tags: bashblog, text, linux, tilde, meta