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January 24, 2020 — ~bdeshi

the blog's been more or less idle. so typical of me. :/

i've started doing some competitive coding practices on hackerrank and codewars to keep up the 100-days-of-code streak. my solutions are often abysmal, but reviewing others' solutions are great learing opportunities. but maybe some people could be a little less clever. ^_^'

i've been looking for some cool small prjects to beef up my resume ( which is currently pretty much vegetarian :( ).

i'm also trying to figure out how to generate a bintray repo of deb and rpm files through github actions. knee-deep in multiple kinds of documentation so far.

meanwhile, i discovered 6cord, a terminal client for discord. it's pretty cool, but seems to require a auth key argument everytime. another welcome addition to my terminal tool compendium. i could ditch discord completely if all my discusiions were in english. complex characters break up in the grid-based world of terminals, make people sad.

life is putting pressure too. but code saves.

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