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password clipping

December 18, 2019 — ~bdeshi

i have a dedicated clipboard manager and password manager, yet i keep losing generated passphrases.

it goes like this:

  • i'd made a simple password generator long ago:

    alias genpw="gpg --gen-random 1 16 | gpg --enarmor | sed -n 4p"

  • i select its output and paste into whatever password field.

  • but then i forget to save it somewhere else, and immediately lose it by selecting some other text somewhere.

  • i thought of some overcomplicated system where primary selections are continously appended to a (gpg encrypted) file, but meanwhile i'm making do by just appending this to that passphrase generator pipeline:

    | xclip -i -sel c

  • it's still pasteable, but with ctrl+v instead of middle-click.

  • yes there are far better solutions for all of this.

Tags: shell, linux, xorg